Latest newspaper article

Official statement:

In regards to the latest newspaper article of the B.Z. today about Ingrid Arthur, we hereby announce the following:

1. The photo used of the Weather Girls in the article has not been provided or approved by Ingrid Arthur or her management. After contacting the B.Z. we have been informed that this is a mistake of the photo editor. The B.Z. will be correcting the online version of the article.

2. The content of the article nor the title does match completely to the interview, which has been given by Ingrid Arthur to the B.Z. Due to the german press freedom neither Mrs Arthur nor the Management were able to review this article prior publication. Mrs Arthur did inform the B.Z. clearly that the correct description is “Former singer of the Weather Girls”

3. As a dementi, we would like to clarify that Mrs Arthur does live in Berlin for more than 10 years already.

4. Mrs Arthur has not given an interview to the Bild Online

If third parties feel violated due to the article or photos, we kindly ask you to contact the editorial department of the B.Z. / Axel Springer Publishing company directly.